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“ Your Partner to Total Lighting Solution & Green Lighting”

Philips Solar Lighting


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Total Lighting Solution for Solar System

Simply enhancing life with sunlight at night (

Solar System Configuration)

Philips Solar Lighting Solutions
Improving quality-of-life for remote areas

These years, 400million tons CO² per year on average generated by power electricity which is used to support lighting applications it highly impacts our environment and climate, so we need to find a renewable green energy.
Besides, The International Energy Agency estimates that about 1.5 billion people do not have access to a conventional power grid. For them, economic and social activities are severely constrained by the amount of sunlight they get. Darkness dramatically affects the quality of life of individuals, and reduces safety at public places and on the roads. This scenario will persist for the foreseeable future.

Why Philips?

Philips has developed a breakthrough in solar powered LED lighting solutions rapidly building expertise in applications like road, street and area. Philips solar offers the most reliable, efficient and cost effective lighting solutions to our customers that enabled to extend its expertise to urban and rural areas to enhance the feeling of sunlight at

night bringing communities together.

· Affordable price
Owing to most advanced and optimized design for energy management, Philips solar solution offers a complete package of price versus performance with the minimum environmental impact. This makes Philips flexible in offering tailor made solutions that satisfies the local climatic and environmental needs resulting in lowest total cost of ownership.
· High Quality of light
Philips being a leader in providing professional lighting solutions has mastered the art of providing the highest quality of light ever. This enhances us to offer the most flexible lighting solution to meet our distinctive customer needs.
· Reliable and robust system
Designed and manufactured to world class excellence, Philips solar products offer great features of which the anti-vandalism feature ensures protecting the local lighting infrastructure. In any case of uneventful
breakdown, Philips offers a comprehensive warranty system.
· Easy installation and maintenance
Using modular components and intelligent control systems integrated with simple installation procedures like Plug play and fool-proof feature, technicians on site can provide installation service with maximum accuracy. This enables the system to be more reliable and easier to monitor when installed in Remote areas.

How solar system works

When the sun shines during the day, the solar panel converts solar energy to electrical energy and stores it in the battery. During the night, the battery is discharged, releasing electrical energy to power the LED luminaire – hence lighting the road.

Philips Solar LED Road Lights

Philips new range of Solar LED Road Lights lowers your system cost and ensures safe lighting conditions on your road. Its a future-proof, upgradable road lighting solution with robust design that is easy to maintain.

Features and benefits
• Reliable
– High quality components and high IP 66 protection
– 50,000 hours @ 70% lumen depreciation (LM 70) at Ta 35°C
– Ability to withstand high temperature environments
– Excellent heat dissipation
• Quality of light
– Dedicated optic design that strictly conforms to street lighting
requirement of up to M5 road configuration
– Medium and Wide Beam optics for different road applications,
with optimized lighting distribution
– 4 lumen package from 1500lm to 6000lm
– IEC60598 compliant
– Good color rendering with CRI >70
• System cost reduced
– High system efficacy of 105lm/W through optimized design
– Best in class W/m2
– Dimming and controls enabled

Industrial Solar Charge Controller
CIS is an industrial-grade charge controller that is suitable for all practical PV applications.
High-quality, 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with amazing features such as: low-voltage disconnect, flexible load timer functions, and a multi-LED system status display.

Features and benefits
• Robust Aluminum Housing
• Epoxy Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion
• Compact Size
• Infrared Remote Control Programming Accessory (CU)
• Intelligent Timer Functions
• Widely Programmable
• External Temperature Sensor (Optional)
• 4 Stage Battery Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization)
• Dual load or Dimmable Load Output
• Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12 V/24 V)

Solar Panel 30W-135W (PV Panel subsystem)

Designed for Philips Solar Road Lighting System, Solar Panel utilises poly crystalline silicon solar cells that combines high Wp (Watts Peak) Output, affordability and efficiency.

Philips solar lighting integrates highly efficient and stable poly-crystalline silicon panel that generates positive power tolerance resulting in highly efficient system performance. It offers wide range from 30W to 295W, panel output voltage at max power 17V is for 12V system operation, and output voltage at max power 35V is for 24V system operation.

Feature & Benefits
• An assembly of suitable inter-connected crystalline silicon solar cells.
• Toughened, high transmissivity glass in front side of the module for improved visibility & protection against environmental hazards, such as, rain, hail & storm and weather proof TEDLAR/POLYSTER back sheet.
• The complete solar module is ensured for water-proof sealing in an
anodized aluminium frame
• Electrical connection terminal placed inside weather proof design (IP-65) housing and has a provision for opening for replacing the cables, if required.
• The system is virtually maintenance free (except for cleaning the top glass of the solar panel depending on dust conditions at place of installation).

Philips VRLA Battery

Philips VRLA Battery integrates Gel electrolyte technology for long service life, deep discharge performance and power output stability over a wide range of ambient temperature.

Features and benefits
• 12 years life expectancy in float service at 77°F (25°C)
• Gelatin electrolyte, no acid stratification, good cyclic performance; low density decelerate grid corrosion and guarantee long floating life
• Germany-imported fumed silica electrolyte ensure stable performance
• European Amersil PVC-Si02 separator specialized for gel battery with low internal resistance and high porosity resulting in long service life
• Flooded electrolyte design with extra electrolyte ensure good heat dispersion and thermal runaway prevention
• Patented radial grid design pasting with active substances improves current carrying capacity and performance, resulting in long life
• High recovery ability, time- and energy-saving
• Thick ABS (flame-retardant) container and cover, impact and vibration resistant; no leakage and bulge during transportation and operation, safe and reliable

Battery box features and benefits

• Anti-theft: Use the concrete base and concrete plate to protect the battery box

• Anti explode: Use a pipeline to connect battery box and pole, keep the air balance inside the battery box
• Water proof: The battery box reaches at least IP66, protect from water or humidity underground

Philips provide a battery box to protect the battery underground

Connector for Battery and other components

Features and benefits
• Environmentally sealed to IP67
• Integrated mat wire seal and terminal position assurance
• High current
• Field serviceable contact removal system
• Simple crimp-and-poke application
• Tactile and audible mating feedback

Detail Philips Product Specification for Solar Lighting : 

PV Panels
91140186660135W 17.5V Panel subsystem35W 17.5V Panel subsystem
91140186640145W 17.5V Panel subsystem45W 17.5V Panel subsystem
91140186590155W 17.5V Panel subsystem55W 17.5V Panel subsystem
91140181640170W 17.5V Panel subsystem 70W 17.5V Panel subsystem 
91140186630185W 17.5V Panel subsystem85W 17.5V Panel subsystem
91140186650195W 17.5V Panel subsystem95W 17.5V Panel subsystem
911401816701120W 17.5V Panel subsystem120W 17.5V Panel subsystem
911401866101145W 17.5V Panel subsystem145W 17.5V Panel subsystem
911401866001175W 35V Panel subsystem175W 35V Panel subsystem
911401866201190W 35V Panel subsystem190W 35V Panel subsystem
911401820001285W 35V Panel subsystem 285W 35V Panel subsystem 
911401819801290W 35V Panel subsystem 290W 35V Panel subsystem 
911401819901295W 35V Panel subsystem 295W 35V Panel subsystem 
Panel Cables & Acessories - Single Panel
91140181760112.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector12.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector
91140181730111m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector11m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector
9114018172017.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector7.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector
Panel Cables & Acessories - Double Panels
91140181710112.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector12.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector
91140181700111m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector11m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector
9114018169017.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector7.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector
Gen1+ Controller
911401862201OCU Gen1+  12/24V 10A 12HOCU Gen1+  12/24V 10A 12H
911401823601OCU Gen1+  12/24V 20A 12HOCU Gen1+  12/24V 20A 12H
Gen 3.0 MPPT Charge Controller
911401883901OCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC Eco 12/24V 13A 12HOCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC Eco 12/24V 13A 12H
Hybrid Controller
911401878601HCU150 12/24V 20A 12H 12.2/24.4HCU150 12/24V 20A 12H 12.2/24.4
Gen1+ remote controller
911401804801remote controller for Phocos CCremote controller for Phocos CC
12V Battery
91140185950150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C50AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
91140185960165AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C65AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
91140185970180AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C80AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
911401859801100AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C100AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
911401859901120AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C120AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
911401860001150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
911401860101200AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C200AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
911401860201250AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C250AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C
12V Battery - Made in Indonesia
919016437730150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-system ID150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-system ID
24V Battery
91140182260124V/50AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/50AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182250124V/65AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/65AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182240124V/80AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/80AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182210124V/100AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/100AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182220124V/120AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/120AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182230124V/150AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/150AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182190124V/200AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/200AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
91140182200124V/250AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/250AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem
StreetStar Solar - Low Lumen
911401886901BRP210 LED21/CW 18W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5MBRP210 LED21/CW 18W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5M
911401887001BRP210 LED26/CW 23W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5MBRP210 LED26/CW 23W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5M
911401887101BRP210 LED31/CW 28W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5MBRP210 LED31/CW 28W 12V DW3 MP1 7.5M
GreenVision Xceed Solar LEDGINE 3.0
911401880201BRP371 LED91/CW 83W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED91/CW 83W 24V DME  SD 12.5M
911401880101BRP371 LED86/CW 76W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED86/CW 76W 24V DME  SD 12.5M
911401880001BRP371 LED70/CW 60W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED70/CW 60W 24V DME  SD 12.5M
911401879501BRP371 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5MBRP371 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5M
911401879601BRP371 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP371 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M
911401879701BRP371 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP371 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M
GreenVision Mini Solar LEDGINE 3.0
911401879701BRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M
911401879601BRP330 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP330 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M
911401879501BRP330 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5MBRP330 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5M
GreenVision Xceed - Mid Power
911401880601BRP371 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP371 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M
911401882801BRP371 LED62/CW 51W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED62/CW 51W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
911401881601BRP371 LED72/CW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED72/CW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
911401881401BRP371 LED87/CW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED87/CW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
911401881201BRP371 LED94/CW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED94/CW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
911401880401BRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
911401881001BRP373 LED142/CW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP373 LED142/CW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M
GreenVision Mini - Mid Power
911401882001BRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5MBRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5M
911401881901BRP330 LED32/CW 29W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5MBRP330 LED32/CW 29W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5M
911401881801BRP330 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP330 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M
911401881701BRP330 LED56/CW 50W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP330 LED56/CW 50W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M
911401885701BRP330 LED64/CW 60W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 12.5BRP330 LED64/CW 60W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 12.5
Tango LED2
911401884901BVP281 LED40/CW 40W 12/24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED40/CW 40W 12/24V SWB SD 9.5M
911401885101BVP281 LED65/CW 60W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED65/CW 60W 24V SWB SD 9.5M
911401885001BVP281 LED84/CW 80W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED84/CW 80W 24V SWB SD 9.5M
911401885201BVP282 LED130/CW 120W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP282 LED130/CW 120W 24V SWB SD 9.5M
Solar Portable Solution
Solar Home System
911401875501BN066C LED10/L1000 12V 6500K 11.5WBN066C LED10/L1000 12V 6500K 11.5W
911401875401BN066C LED9/L900 12V 6500K 10WBN066C LED9/L900 12V 6500K 10W
911401875601BN066C LED6/L600 12V 6500K 8.5WBN066C LED6/L600 12V 6500K 8.5W
911401875701BN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 4.5WBN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 4.5W
911401875801BN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 3WBN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 3W
911401875301LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45
911401875201LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55
911401879101DC LED Bulb cable 7.5mDC LED Bulb cable 7.5m
911401879001PV panel cable 7.5mPV panel cable 7.5m
911401878801controller hub extension cable 3mcontroller hub extension cable 3m
911401877801SIS battery 12V 10A 8AhSIS battery 12V 10A 8Ah
911401877501SIS battery 12V 10A 12AhSIS battery 12V 10A 12Ah
911401877601SIS battery 12V 10A 14AhSIS battery 12V 10A 14Ah
911401877701SIS battery 12V 10A 24AhSIS battery 12V 10A 24Ah
911401878301SIS battery 12V 10A 40AhSIS battery 12V 10A 40Ah
911401878201SIS battery 12V 10A 50AhSIS battery 12V 10A 50Ah
911401877901SIS battery 12V 10A 65AhSIS battery 12V 10A 65Ah
911401878101SIS battery 12V 10A 80AhSIS battery 12V 10A 80Ah
911401878001SIS battery 12V 10A 100AhSIS battery 12V 10A 100Ah
911401883101SIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cablesSIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cables
Solar Centralized Solutions
911401883701SCS 10KWh 3000WacSCS 10KWh 3000Wac
911401883601SCS 3x3000WacSCS 3x3000Wac
911401884201SCS 10KWh Li BatterySCS 10KWh Li Battery
PV Panel for Centralized Solutions
911401886301245W 30V Panel245W 30V Panel
911401886201250W 30V Panel250W 30V Panel
911401886101255W 30V Panel255W 30V Panel
911401885901260W 30V Panel260W 30V Panel
911401886001300W 35V Panel300W 35V Panel


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