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PHILIPS Solar Home System

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PHILIPS Solar Home System 

Solar Indoor Lighting System

Solar Indoor Lighting system with innovative design really brings most light to your living, which enables your visionary indoor activities come true in evening, not only lit up your classroom when you are reading, writing, working, but also you could have more household enjoying with powering mobile phone, listening to radio, even watching TV and so son. In clinics, owing to the dedicated designed LED batten, the doctors can serve more patients’ longer time. Philips Solar indoor lighting system is freely maintained and easily installed, which are mainly composed of standard PV panel, standard battery pack (di erence in size) that accommodates various high quality gel battery to power lighting and electrical devices (USB output), charge controller hub is detachable and able to be mounted on the wall. LED E27 lamps and LED battens are optional in system, giving you more su cient light during evening in comfort and simplicity.

Solar Indoor Lighting System

Target application 
• Lighting and charging for mobile phone, DC 12V devices 
• Schools, clinics, public rooms, 
• Household, home 
• Camping 
• Indoor lighting 
• Power DC TV max 15W, DC fan max.5W.

Features and advantages 
• Sufficient and consistent light output and quality. 
• Long working hours up to 120 hours1 . 
• 3-year long designed life time and 2500 lifecycles of gel battery pack2 . 
• 5-year long application time of LED lamps and battens 
• Plug-and-play for easy mounting anywhere indoor room. 
• Robust design for convenient placing and carrying. 
• Controllable and independent switch for each lamp/ output line. 
• Loading master switch on hub for one-touch turning on/off. 
• Power master switch on battery pack to stop3 battery discharging in stock. 
• Portable and removable battery pack for easy maintenance and upgrading. 
• Detachable hub for mounting on the wall. 
• LEDs on hub to indicate battery available capacity (3-phases Status of Capacity SOC). 
• Buzzing alarm in intermittence to battery capacity 3 SOCs. 
• Leading technology in efficiency of charging and discharging of charge controller. 
• Full electric protection and over temperature protection in charge controller. 
• Standard USB ports on battery pack for mobile phone, radio, MP3 charging. 
• High quality diffused E27 lamps with broad light angle. 
• High quality LED battens with creative glass film reflector to give a gradient and comfort light. 
• 7.5m long cable for lamps and battens flexible connection. 
• Full certified components


• SIS Battery subsystem includes battery pack and charge controller hub Description Equipped battery capacity (Ah) Battery output voltage Battery Type Design life time(years)* Life cycles (charge and discharge) Overloading protection Number of USB port USB output current USB protection(short circuit protection) USB protection(over current protection) Net Weight(Kg) –big battery pack Installation Dimension mm (L*W*H) Ingress protection Power master switch Handle for carry Housing of battery pack Color & coating Working temperature Housing of battery pack, material Panel cable Battery cable Package Package dimensions Mounting instructions Package quantity Certificates Standards Battery pack-S Battery pack-L 8/12/14/24/40 50/65/80/100 12V Gel 3 years (Ta=25°C) 2500 cycles @ DoD 25%; 800 cycles @DoD 70% 1 2 500mA >2A 750mA See preferred selection On the ground/table see preferred selection IP20 Yes on two sides of the battery box PP Plastic and Extruded Aluminum PANTONE Black 6C and medium grey, PANTONE 430C, Matt plastic, and Anodized Aluminum 0°C< Ta< 40°C PP Plastic and Extruded Aluminum 7.5m/2.5mm 3m/2.5mm Cartoon See preferred selection Yes (English) 1 set / carton CE for battery EN 61427:2005, IEC 61427:2005, Battery Pack 460*210*290

Solar Home System    
911401883101 SIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cables SIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cables
911401875301 LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45 LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45
911401875201 LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55 LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55


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